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    Building A Successful Craft Show Booth September 20, 2008 By Lisa Akers Leave a Comment If you attend craft shows as a vendor, you probably experienced this: people walk by your booth, take a peek inside, and then walk on. Even if you do your best to greet them and invite them to browse, they smile politely and keep moving. How frustrating! I know that I been there myself. I know I have great products, if people would just take a moment to come in, I know I could make a sale! There are a few basic principles that you can use to make your booth more appealing and attractive to those After all, once you get them in the booth, you can find out what they need and if you can meet that need. Plus, you have a chance to talk with them and make them feel welcome! Craft show booths are notoriously small retail spaces that have a lot of competition. Even if there are no other crafters in your specialty, there are many other vendors who all want to attract buyers. You have about 2 4 seconds to attract

    Flights still being canceled at Chicago O’Hare Check flight tracker before you head to the airport.(Photo: Scott Olson Getty Images)Two days after a fire at an air traffic control center crippled air service in and out of Chicago, airlines were still canceling hundreds of flights on Sunday, and those that were operating were experiencing delays.Airport officials said that as of 10:30 AM CT Sunday, more than 550 flights had been canceled at Chicago O’Hare, the nation’s second busiest airport. Flights that were touching down and taking off were
    Wholesale jerseys delayed half an hour or more. At the smaller Midway airport, a central portal for Southwest Airlines, 50 flights had been canceled by late morning, and flights were being delayed on average 45 minutes.Despite the continuing problems, service had improved dramatically since Friday, when a contractor with the Federal Aviation Administration allegedly set a
    Cheap jerseys blaze at a regional radar facility that almost completely shut down air travel in and out of one

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