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    Toll Free Number Allows Retail Business Flexibility to Grow

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    order essay onlineprofessional college essay writerstopicsterm paperviabtc poolSay you’re an eager young woman with enough idealism to care about the environment, and enough marketing savvy to make a splash on the virtual retail scene with products that support your ideals. But your company is young and upwardly mobile. Since your products are sold in retail stores across the nation and through a store online, you can be a little flexible with your operating location. But what happens when you move across country, and you know it will take time for your business to put down roots? Do you lose your contacts? No. But you do need a toll free number.

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    Toll Free Numbers Help the Enviroment

    This is Stephanie Bernstein, owner of Eyes of the Forest, Inc. Her website, To-GoWare.com, sells non-plastic eating utensils and containers. Her hope is that consumers will adopt a more environmentally-friendly attitude and forego plastic and Styrofoam landfill fodder, opting instead for her stainless steel food carriers and bamboo utensils. Retail stores across the nation carry her products, and her website boasts a testimonial from the actor Woody Harrelson, as well as a picture of the Thai refugee women who craft the utensil holders for To-Go-Ware.

    A move from Colorado to California was partly responsible for Bernstein’s decision to get a toll free number for her company. “I knew we would be moving. We wanted something that would stay consistent while we made some changes and experienced growth.”

    Tollfreenumber.ORG is the best choice

    Bernstein chose TollFreeNumber.org because they offered packages that would allow her company to grow. She also wanted a company that could give her a toll free number quickly and affordably. TollFreeNumber.org offered mailboxes and voicemail features to go with the toll free number. “I could change where it rings through to, so until everything was settled I could be more neutral about our location. It allows us a lot of flexibility while we figure out the business side of things.”

    Another factor in Bernstein’s decision to acquire a toll free number was printed materials. A toll free number was the solution. Since TollFreeNumber.org allows the customer to own their toll free number, Bernstein could safely print a large number of wholesale order forms with confidence they would not be wasted, since that number belongs to her alone.

    Easy to use 800 numbers

    Since a toll free number works by riding piggy-back on existing landlines, a call can be directed anywhere the owner of the number chooses. If a customer of TollFreeNumber.org decides to change services, they can take the number with them – a guarantee few companies can make.

    Kerry Kennedy, owner of KS Kennedy, agrees that a toll free number is great for a business in growth mode. “In our business, the toll free line is what makes orders happen – from any place in the U.S. Best of all, we own the number forever and can take it with us no matter where we would decide to relocate. Can’t beat that!”

    Young businesses need room to flex. TollFreeNumber.org offers just the right blend of affordability, service and features that will grow with a company, regardless of the specific needs it has.

    Order a Toll Free Here:

    or for 800 phone numbers:

    Stephanie Bernstein, Eyes of the Forest, Inc., Berkley, CA 877-To-Go-Ware, www.To-GoWare.com

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    Tom Brady says Deflategate scandal has not detracted from Super Bowl title

    View Brady’s entire interview here.

    “Absolutely not,” Brady told a friendly university crowd in his first public appearance since an NFL investigation concluded Brady likely knew Patriots employees were cheating.

    Brady declined to discuss his thoughts about the 243 page report that said that he was likely at least aware two team employees were breaking rules by deflating footballs for him.

    “I don’t really have any reaction. It has only been 30 hours. I’ve not had much time to digest it,” Brady said. “When I do I will be sure to let you know how I feel about it. And everybody else.”

    Watch: Brady hopes to react publicly soon to Deflategate report

    Brady said he will address things more once things play out and he is more comfortable. Brady is still waiting to see whether the league will discipline him with a fine, suspension or both.

    “There is a process going forward and I am involved in this process,” he said.

    Asked whether public backlash is bothering him, Brady said he accepts his role as a public figure and has people who support him and help him get through it.

    “As a human you care about what people think. I think also as a public figure you learn not everyone is going to like you,” he said. “Good, bad or indifferent there are a lot of people who don’t like Tom Brady, and I am OK with that.”

    Watch: Brady says he is OK with the fact that not everyone likes him

    Watch: Brady says he accepts the good with the bad

    The report by Ted Wells, an independent investigator hired by the NFL, found some of Brady’s claims implausible in explaining why balls were underinflated during the Patriots’ 45 7 win against Indianapolis in the AFC title game.

    The superstar quarterback spoke at a Q session moderated by sportscaster Jim Gray during a previously scheduled, sold out event at Salem State University. He arrived by helicopter for the talk on leadership, avoiding a long line of fans outside and media waiting for him to enter. The event was delayed more than 30 minutes to allow fans to file in, including some wearing Brady jerseys. During the wait, the crowd chanted “Brady” and “MVP,” then gave him a standing ovation as he walked in.

    Gray said the session would largely stick to subjects they planned previously when they arranged the talk four months ago. But he acknowledged the difficulty in avoiding one of the hottest topics in sports.

    The first four minutes of the hour long session were devoted to Brady’s reaction to the report. The subject did not come up again.

    Brady seemed at ease throughout the event, which included questions about Seattle coach Pete Carroll’s ill fated call for a pass that was intercepted in the end zone by cornerback Malcom Butler in the final minute of the Super Bowl.

    “It was more of a great defensive play than a bad offensive play,” Brady said.

    He laughed when asked about a recent online video showing him jumping off a cliff into water in Costa Rica.

    “It was kind of a spur of the moment thing,” he said. “I’ll never do it again.”

    And he reiterated that a “family commitment” kept him from the recent White House ceremony honoring the champion Patriots.

    “Did the team go?” Brady said to laughter. “If we get that opportunity (next year) there’s no doubt I’ll be there.”

    Earlier Thursday, Brady’s agent, Don Yee, said the NFL was determined to blame Brady for deflated footballs, while the investigation omitted key facts and buried others.

    The team didn’t respond to requests from The Associated Press seeking comment about the report from Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. The Patriots didn’t make anyone available on Thursday, canceling prior plans to allow two players to be interviewed during voluntary team workouts held at the team’s headquarters in Foxborough.Articles Connexes:

    Multimedia Journalism Print Online MA

    You should hold a good first degree equivalent to a UK Upper Second Class Honours. Ideally you should have some journalism work experience, whether a short placement or more extensive professional experience. You will also need a good understanding of the media and current affairs. Unless a large part of your education has been in English, you will need an IELTS score (or its equivalent) of 7.0 in speaking and in writing.

    Applicants should submit two short assignments with their application; the first should explain why you have decided on a career in journalism (250 words maximum), and the second should be either an analysis of the print, online or broadcast media in your home country, or an analysis of how a recent news story was covered in different media (300 words maximum).

    This course will equip you with all the practical and intellectual skills you need to work as a multimedia, multi platform journalist, at the same time allowing you gain a deeper grounding in the abilities of broadcast, or written journalism. You can choose one of two pathways Print and Online or Broadcast, in order to specialise chiefly in text based journalism as print and online practitioner, or as a multi platform broadcast journalist. All students learn the basic skills of audio, video and web reporting. The course has a very practical focus, so you are expected to develop story ideas and contacts, and gather your own material for journalistic course work. You will be given full training in using our up to date media resources, ensuring that you graduate from the course as a multi skilled, multi platform journalist. Both the MA and the Postgraduate Diploma can be taken as a part time course over two years.

    The PG Diploma and MA have been accredited by the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC) which means we provide industry backed journalism training for online, TV radio. The organisation accredits a number of British journalism courses, providing the syllabus meets their requirements.

    The University of Westminster itself is designated a Skillset Media Academy, Skillset being the UK skills body for the Creative Industries.

    Our teaching staff are highly experienced journalism professionals, and our graduates go on to work with a variety of leading media organisations including BBC TV and Radio, national and local, and BBC News Online, ITN, Russia Today, Al Jazeera, the Financial Times and The Guardian, Conde Nast, and many other media houses in Britain and around the world

    Many of our students have won journalism awards, the most recent being the Best Radio News item for 2014, awarded by the BJTC. We have twice been awarded a BJTC award for excellence in teaching,

    Course contentThere’s a strong emphasis on learning through ‘hands on’ practice, in small class groups, using our professional standard facilities. Most of your assessed course work will be ‘real’ journalism assignments, a preparation for the new world of multi platform journalism.

    As well as regular classes taught by experienced journalists on our staff, we also invite other media professionals as guest speakers or to critique student work. We support you in applying for work placements, encourage you go to journalism events and network with professionals, and to pursue other journalism experiences. For example, in the past few years some MA Journalism students have been able to go as ’embedded journalists’ on Royal Navy and NATO training exercises, sometimes on board ship or with the Army on land exercises.

    You will have the chance to air your work on Smoke Radio, the University’s multi award winning internet radio station, or post items onto the MA’s own news site, Westminster World.

    The course is taught over two semesters, and for the Master’s students followed by the largely self directed final project in the summer. Unlike many other journalism MAs, you can undertake an extensive practical Final Project. This could be a multi media project or a largely print project or a TV or radio documentary. Students usually undertake their placements in the period from the Easter break to the end of the course.

    ModulesThese modules are taken by all students on both pathways:

    Multimedia Journalism Skills: Part theory, part practice, this module takes a critical look at the concepts and techniques underpinning contemporary journalism and new media, and the surrounding issues.

    Issues in journalism: You will gain an in depth working knowledge of media law, explore the relationship between UK public institutions, and evaluate the ethical considerations which are of key concern to journalists;

    Web Production Westminster News Online: class teams work on developing the best online reporting techniques to run our live, multi media news website.

    Broadcast pathway modulesSemester OneBroadcast News: This aims to give you an understanding of the skills involved in all aspects of multi platform daily live news production and presentation: includes reporting, news writing, preparing packages, working in an editorial team.

    Semester TwoDocumentary Skills: allows you to develop advanced audio and video production and reporting techniques leading to the production of a short TV documentary, plus a radio feature and documentary.

    Print and Online pathway modulesSemester OneNews and Feature Writing: You will develop the skills and techniques of writing news stories and features across print and web platforms, gain an understanding of news gathering, and the importance of developing contacts.

    Semester TwoMagazine Project: During this module you will develop advanced skills in the content, design and layout of magazines working in an editorial team in order produce both a glossy printed magazine, and its electronic version. This module is also offered as an option to the broadcast pathway.

    Online Journalism: Combining your journalism and technical skills as part of a team you will learn coding, so that you can develop, design and provide content for a unique magazine website. This module is also offered as an option to the broadcast pathway.

    Specialist Journalism: You can explore in depth the role of the specialist correspondent, and develop specialist reporting techniques to provide a number of ‘multi platform’ pieces of journalism. Currently we are offering three choices: Lifestyle Health and Medical and Sports . Previously Business and Financial Environmental have also been on offer, depending on demand. It’s not always possible to run all the options.

    Also on offer:

    Investigative Journalism, exploring the history, theory and practice of investigative journalism in different parts of the world, as well as carrying out your own investigation.

    Travel Journalism, developing the special skills and techniques of travel writing, and as well as gaining an understanding of how to liaise with and report on the travel industry.

    Sociology of News, A critical study of the news media in the context of current society; it examines different aspects of how news is created, disseminated and consumed.

    Final Projects (MA only)These are all individual projects:

    Final Radio or Video Documentary Project: Researching, compiling and presenting your own investigative thirty minute radio documentary, or twelve minute film, and providing an accompanying critical analysis.

    Final Journalism Project: For this project you will produce to a professional standard a themed series of articles in a publishable format, including the use of multimedia techniques.Articles Connexes:

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