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    Best Return on Investment Provided by Tollfreenumber.ORG

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    bestonlineessaybuy custom essaysessay writeressay writing serviceonline essay paper help, are more likely to keep their virtual doors open. Successful marketing depends on more than one strategy, but some strategies give more return on investment than others. A toll free number is one of the most cost effective marketing strategies out there, and can potentially give the best return on investment.

    The Toll Free Difference

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    Blair Rhodes, owner of the Pashmina Store, can attest to the dramatic difference a toll free number made for his company. The Pashmina Store has been open for about seven years on the internet. Two years ago, the company decided to try some new marketing techniques, a toll free number among them.

    Toll free VS. Local Numbers

    We used to have a local number on our site, and we almost never got calls,” Rhodes explains. The effects of obtaining a toll free number were almost immediately apparent. “Our revenues went up eighty percent in that first year, and sixty percent the second year, and I can attribute half of that to the toll free number. It’s really packed a punch for us.”

    A retail store selling a unique product needs to be available to answer the customer’s questions. In the case of The Pashmina Store, the product is luxury cashmere made from the Capra Hircus goat, found only on the Himalayas above 14,000 feet. Customers who call, either with questions about the cashmere products, or to make a purchase, say they chose The Pashmina Store over competitors because they like to call businesses with toll free numbers. Rhodes says the average order for someone ordering over the phone is about twice the size as someone ordering through the website.

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    “It’s really helped with weddings and corporate events, which are more involved – they want to find out more facts and information about our products. Having the toll free number has dramatically increased the number of people that are willing to call us, and they’re ordering several, if not dozens, at a time.”

    Like many other small retail business owners, Rhodes thought a toll free number would be too expensive. After researching many other companies, Rhodes chose TollFreeNumber.Org because of its combination of excellent customer service, reliability and value. “We didn’t realize how cost-effective it was going to be. The toll free number is definitely the best return on investment of any marketing tool that we use.”

    Rhodes isn’t the only internet store owner to feel this way about TollFreeNumber.org. Patrick McWilliams of Amazon Stingrays, a fish breeder, echoes the sentiment about his experience with TollFreeNumber.org. “Of all the things I’ve had to do for the business, this has been by far the easiest, and then produced the most results for the effort I had to put in.”

    Many factors decide the fate of your business. Though a toll free number alone will not make your business wildly successful, don’t neglect this important yet simple building block for your company.

    Order a Toll Free Here: Toll Free Numbers

    or for 800 phone numbers: 800 Numbers

    Blair Rhodes, The Pashmina Store, Humble, Texas 888-874-2957, www.thepashminastore.com

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    O’Brien impressed

    Aug 16, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans linebacker Jadeveon Clowney (90) is defended by Atlanta Falcons wholesale nba jerseys tackle Sam Baker (72) at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee USA TODAY Sports(Photo: Kirby Lee Kirby Lee USA TODAY Sports)HOUSTON (AP) Texans coach Bill O’Brien is in no hurry to rush his starters back for preseason games. That’s giving rookies ample time to impress and many did Saturday night in Wholesale Jerseys China a 32 7 victory over Atlanta. Watt, Andre Johnson, Arian Foster and Brian Cushing were among the Houston starters who did not play. O’Brien will decide later in the week how much time, if any, each regular will see Saturday night in Denver. The Texans will practice with the Broncos starting Tuesday, and O’Brien said those workouts could provide all the snaps the starters need.

    Top overall pick Jadeveon Clowney headlined the standout performances by the rookies, making two highlight reel hits behind the line of scrimmage. Sixth round pick Alfred Blue scored Houston’s first touchdown of the preseason and seventh round pick Andre Hal returned an interception for a touchdown.

    RECAP: Clowney makes impact in Texans’ 32 7 win

    “You’re talking about some guys cheap nfl jerseys that have come in here and worked very hard and been very coachable,” O’Brien said Sunday. “They’ve got a long way to go, but to cheap jerseys free shipping this point, we’re pleased with their progress.”

    Undrafted tight end Anthony Denham blocked a punt and undrafted linebacker Max Bullough intercepted a pass. Fiedorowicz, a third round pick, made two catches for 14 yards.

    “Whether it’s Clowney or Andre Hal getting a pick 6, I feel like all the rookies did a great job,” Fiedorowicz said. “We take pride in it. We come out here and cheap nba jerseys china grind all day in this heat. When it pays off, it feels good.”

    Rookie Tom Savage was the first quarterback off the bench and completed 4 of 5 passes. O’Brien said Savage is still slightly behind Case Keenum in the competition for the backup role behind Ryan Fitzpatrick.

    “He’s s got a long way to go, just like most rookie quarterbacks have a long to go,” O’Brien said. “In the preseason, for any rookie quarterback, you’re not seeing anywhere near wholesale jerseys what you’re going to see if you’re going to play in the regular season. You’re not seeing anywhere near Cheap Custom Jerseys what you’re going wholesale cheap jerseys to see from a defensive schematic standpoint, so he understands that. He’s got to get better at the basics of it.”

    MORE: Falcons RB on Clowney: ‘I don’t see anything special’

    Keenum played the second half and completed 6 of 12 passes. He had the Texans on the move in the third quarter, only to throw an interception near the goal line.

    Fitzpatrick, meanwhile, bounced back from a bad preseason opener, completing 9 of 12 passes for 97 yards. He also had two rushes for 25 yards as cheap jerseys well, scrambling for a first down as he guided the Texans for a touchdown in the closing minutes of the first half.

    “I feel like that’s how he has to play for cheap jerseys us,” O’Brien said. Swearinger for unsportsmanlike conduct. On one of them, Swearinger merely smacked hands with cornerback Josh Victorian after breaking up a pass in the second quarter.

    O’Brien chalked that penalty up to the emotions of the game.

    “You don’t want guys to be penalized in ways that obviously hurt the team,” O’Brien said. “But our guys were juiced up, they were excited, they couldn’t wait to play.”

    O’Brien said rookie nose tackle Louis Nix III is on pace to play in Denver this week. Nix had arthroscopic knee surgery before training camp and was added to the active roster on Tuesday. O’Brien wasn’t so sure about the status of Brandon Brooks, who started 15 games at right guard last season but has missed all of training camp with an undisclosed injury.Articles Connexes:

    News World Report for Fourth Year in a Row

    News World Report, earning the top spot in three categories. We’re ranked 1 for Best Plan for Weight Loss and Best Commercial Plan each for the fourth consecutive year as well as for Easiest Plan to Follow, holding this title since the category was added three years ago. Weight Watchers was also the highest ranked commercial diet in the “Best Diets for Healthy Eating” category. An independent panel of 22 diet and nutrition experts found that the flexibility of Weight Watchers, and the fact that no foods were off limits, were big perks of the program. News World Report is truly gratifying and it only furthers our desire to continue providing the ‘best’ and ‘easiest’ program Cheap NFL Jerseys China out there,” said Lesya Lysyj, President, North America, Weight Watchers.

    “Weight Watchers has helped millions of people to lose weight and achieve their goals for more than 50 years, yet we recognize and understand that getting started can often be the hardest part,” said Lysyj. News World Report ranking, our Simple wholesale cheap jerseys Start plan is wholesale jerseys designed to provide a successful on ramp to weight loss success with the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program. For two weeks, all a member has to do is eat from a list of good for you foods that can be found in any grocery store. We provide lots of delicious meal ideas or members can make your own using Power Foods with the help Wholesale NFL Jerseys China of a brand new app for subscribers.

    Weight Watchers is constantly working on other ways to make following the cheap jerseys Plan easier to follow and more convenient, such as the exciting advancements in our original mobile apps, including the Barcode Scanner and Snap Track features (tracking via photos). We’ve also improved our mobile web experience.

    With an ever growing body of research supporting our approach to weight loss, cheap jerseys china we are proud to be doing our part to help prevent obesity, and, most wholesale nfl jerseys importantly, keep Americans healthy. News wholesale nfl jerseys from china World Report’s expert panel consisted of nationally recognized experts in diet, nutrition, obesity, human behavior, diabetes and heart health. The experts conducted an in depth assessment of 32 diet plans, ranking them in seven categories: Wholesale Football Jerseys China Short term weight loss, long term weight loss, ease of compliance, nutritional completeness, cheap jerseys health risks, and ability to prevent or manage diabetes and heart disease. The experts rated each diet from 1 to 5 in each of the categories. You can learn more about the methodology here.Articles Connexes:

    The Doctor Says Get a CT Scan

    A new report in tomorrow’s issue of the New England Journal of Medicine raises serious concerns about the use, and overuse, of CT scanning. While individual risks of developing cancer from a CT scan, which emits high doses of radiation, are relatively low, the researchers worry that their rapid growth as a highly accurate diagnostic tool is cheap nfl jerseys from china exposing too much of the population and an increasing amount of vulnerable children to radiation and might be setting the stage cheap nfl jerseys for higher incidence of cancer in years to come. Around 62 million scans are performed per year, compared with only 3 million in 1980. Moreover, the researchers estimate that a third of those CT scans are entirely unnecessary many of them now performed by cautious doctors on worried people with no symptoms Cheap NFL Jerseys China at all.

    With a traditional X ray a chest X ray, for example radiation goes through cheap nfl jerseys you from one side to the other, with 3 D information ultimately projected onto a two dimensional picture. With a CT scan, an X ray tube rotates around the patient and presents the results to you as a three dimensional picture. The advantage is that it’s much more sensitive, is high resolution, and offers much more anatomically specific information with great detail.

    But a typical chest CT means around a 175 times greater dose of radiation than a similar chest X ray that’s like 20 sets of mammograms. That range can be between 20 and 200 times higher depending on which part of the body is being scanned.

    When is a CT scan definitely warranted?

    If you think something is desperately wrong with you and you require an immediate answer. For wholesale nfl jerseys from china example, an incredible abdominal pain or a severe acute headache as opposed to a migraine you have had off and on for years. If the CT scan is medically needed, don’t think about radiation. If you have excruciating head or abdominal pain, radiation exposure should not be high on the list of concerns.

    But there’s no question that it’s overused and I don’t think I can quarrel with the number of 30 percent.

    How should judgment factor in?

    One common problem for adults is renal stones. They have them all the wholesale nfl jerseys time on and off, typically with horrible pain. It used to be that we gave them water and pain medication and told them to wait for the pain to pass. Now, all urologists want a CT scan done. I’ve seen people in their early 30s who have had 18 or 20 CT scans. They come in once a month, but there’s no evidence in the literature that this sort of thing is justified.

    Another good example is if you have significant abdominal pain and go to the emergency room. The physician in the ER is buried with a “bazillion” patients. cheap jerseys He can poke on your abdomen and see where the pain is emanating from, thinking it’s appendicitis. Then he’ll get some blood tests and if you have a high count will call a surgeon. Before the use of CT, around 20 percent of the time you got operated on and had a normal appendix.

    Nowadays, doctors will immediately get a CT scan, and because it’s so sensitive and accurate cheap jerseys china for diagnosing appendicitis, less than 1 or 2 percent end up taking out normal appendixes. An additional advantage is that CT allows the doctor to see the entire abdomen and pelvis, the aorta, kidneys, and gallbladder. If your doctor wholesale cheap jerseys wasn’t in fact right about the appendicitis, the CT scan will pick up a lot of other things that might be giving you your pain. It’s incredibly efficient and, of course, doctors can move you through ER much more quickly.

    Is using a CT to cheap jerseys determine appendicitis generally justified? Well, if the patient has severe pain in the right lower quadrant, then probably yes. On the other hand, is it justified for a little kid who is crying and doesn’t know what’s going on? In that case, probably not.Articles Connexes:

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